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Thanks, Wirecutter

Pool Girl

Pool Girl


Grip a Nip

Nip Grip

First Place Finish

First Place Finish

Thanks Rich



Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

I don’t know what she’s fixing…

I don't know what she's fixin


Gettin’ some sun

Getting some sun


Find a woman with brains…

Woman with brains


Thanks that1chick


Fighter Pilot Test

Concentration is very important.

Fighter jet

See if you have what it takes to be a pilot…

If you fail this, you can hope that they will allow you to be a Navigator.


Can you focus on the Parrot for 10 seconds?


I didn’t think so.
Not to worry, you’re too fucking old to be a fighter pilot anyway.

Thanks  Gene

Hey Graduates…

Uummm, girls only!

Show your titties

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