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Caption Contest – 388

Dildo queen



Summer Corn

Enjoing a little corn on the cob

Thanks sg


One for the ladies…

For the ladies



I’m in love with my bed…

I'm in lovew with my bed

Thanks Phyllis

Porn in Real Life



Chevy Suburban Or Ford F-150?

Is This A Chevy Suburban Or Ford F-150 Dashboard ? 

There is debate among some of us car fans about the type of vehicle this might be.  Can you tell by its dashboard?

Chevy Suburban Or Ford F-150

Personally, I Think It’s A Hummer!!!

Thanks Gene


Works every time

Works every time

Thanks Rich


Ronda Rousey “Straight Outta Compton” Music Video

Don’t mess with Ronda!

Thanks Comedy Wizard

As opposed to regular piss


Thanks Max


Chillin’ on Sunday

Washin my balls


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