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Bits & Pieces update

Bits & Pieces is down at the moment.  I had to delete all the files on the server and am in the process of restoring a version from the day before yesterday that should be clean.  If everything goes right (but I have my suspicions) it should be back up in a little while.

If you don’t see it Friday afternoon or evening then I’ll have to call in the troops for a rescue mission. Keep your fingers crossed.  Worse comes to worse, I’ll just have to start all over.

8 comments to Bits & Pieces update

  • DJ

    Good luck.
    Obviously you know we’re getting this right now over there:

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  • Garret N

    Good luck.

    Check your file permissions once you upload your files. On shared servers, like you would be on, other not-so-nice customers of the host look for vulnerable files — ones with permissions loose enough to write to from different users — and look for specific files. A common target is “wp-config.php”, such as wordpress uses.

    The redirect thing happened to me yesterday, and I noticed it didn’t appear to try that until the page finished loading. This would indicate the “injection” was probably either javascript, or one of the ads. Also make sure to keep your wordpress installation the latest version, and try not to use unnecessary plugins, which often aren’t coded to the same standards as the product itself — and can introduce vulnerabilities.

  • isiah

    I am going through Bits and Pieces withdrawal.

  • Scott

    OMG! I should have saved all my puns. I was planning to use B&P as my resume.

    I think J-Walk went to STL just to yank the plug on B&P.

  • Meee

    This is the pits Jonco!!! 🙁 I miss my Bits&Pieces!!! I’m dying over here without it!!

  • Scott

    LOL I just read over at J-Walk where Jonco invited all those people to B&P while J-Walk was down for the week. Who still has a blog to read and doesn’t mind some goofy comments?

  • Scott

    I think Jonco just wiped it clean. *sob*

    Let’s have a moment of silence and maybe a 21 pun salute.

  • Richard

    I’ve made two comments on the new site, but I have my doubts about how long it will last.

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