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Is this legal?



5 comments to Is this legal?

  • Grumpy

    I’ve always believed “sports” that have nearly naked hot sweaty men groping each other are gay.
    And of course it is real. In gay male fantasies, anyway.

  • WobblyHeadedDan

    That guy holding the head look like Bill Engval to anyone else?

  • LadyBelle

    That’s Shawn Micheal, not Bill, and I bet the guy with his drawers down is Helmsley . Tsk. Now I have to go have a small cry for knowing that. Had an ex that used to watch wrestling 10 years ago, and apparently not much has changed in that time.

  • infidel

    nobodys gonna say its fake

  • cj

    I’m pretty sure it’s still legal in 38 of the states.

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