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Think before you leap

Run down

If this guy lived I’ll bet he doesn’t do that again.

Thanks Mike from Spain

9 comments to Think before you leap

  • Dumb-ass. Well, if he survived, I’m sure he’ll be less of an idiot from now on. If he didn’t survive, there’ll just be one less idiot.

  • WobblyHeadedDan

    If he survived he’ll need a romp to get on top of any cars.

  • Guy B.

    But – it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if this is a “candid camera fail” … 😐

  • patzer

    Serves him right. I’d like to buy the driver a beer.

  • Lambo_Paul

    At least it’s a light car, but dang that would hurt. Granted, the guy was a dumbass though

  • malcolm

    wow, you guys are cold. sure he jumped on the car but honestly, do you have to run the guy over for that and possibly break a bunch of bones, could`ve even killed him. meanwhile i`m sure the car drives away without a scratch.

  • Michael

    So glad to see an asshole get what was coming to him, so few get what they deserve. Justice was swift, One less asshole, the gene pool wins!

  • Bella

    Just a little speed bump in life. He shouldn’t have p!ssed her off.

  • Sander

    What are you talking about the car didn’t have a scratch? He clearly broke the windshield.

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