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100 Ways to say ‘Fuck You’

Fuck you


7 comments to 100 Ways to say ‘Fuck You’

  • infidel

    might come in handy when I go on vacation

  • Minoas

    In Greek it’s: “Ade gamisou”. “As to thiaolo (diaolo)” means go to hell.

  • tu6kan4e

    EBI SE (Bulgaria) – mean – Fuck Yourself
    DA TE EBA (Bulgaria) – mean – Fuck You

  • F’oxx means ‘Fuck you’ in Maltese? Does in American too!

  • Floyd

    Back in high school, we had a cheer that went “Aki Baba!”, to which the response was “Yay,(our town!). The senior who originated it said “Aki Baba” was Arabic or Iranian or something for “Fuck You”.
    I doubt that’s what it meant, but hey, this was rural Kansas in the late 70’s, how would we know any different?

  • Thy King

    Fuck you does not translate to dutch. In the netherlands ‘neuk jou’ (literal 1 on 1 translation) makes no sence to anybody. It is just fuck you. There is also no dutch word i can think of that is just as widely applicable as fuck you.

  • Los Mourgolukos

    actually in greek fuck you is άnte gamίsou

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