Camelflage – This shit should be illegal

Camelflage1Shhhhh…Women have their beauty and fashion secrets and this is one of them. If you are an active, fashion conscious or contemporary woman then Camelflage panties are for you. These aren’t your ordinary panty, they were specifically designed to smooth out your feminine parts under tight clothing. Yoga and exercise pants, leggings, tight shorts, skinny jeans or even some work trousers can have a shorter inseam. You have enough to worry about these days; the last thing you need to think about is your panties riding up during your cardio kick boxing class.



2 thoughts on “Camelflage – This shit should be illegal

  1. This must be for camel toe? Once again, the webmaster knows more about this stuff than who it is designed for. For shame, I’ve never even heard of it.

  2. i just heard about it the other day on the radio…how about instead of spending your money on this you buy underwear and pants that aren’t two sizes too small…problem solved!

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