7 thoughts on “Too many boobs

  1. Might be because I work in the Mental Health field but, those selfharm scars on her arms just flopified me. Such a cutie, as well! Shame.

  2. Looks like we have a cutter!!!! Another thing I used to do when I was in high school. …scars are awesome.

  3. @Miss Silver, but I think scars are cooler when you have a story that comes with it, I don’t think is cool to inflict self-damage just to acquire one.

  4. True. I was a cutter but I didn’t leave scars – 😀 It’s all about how you cut and what you cut with. But that said, I’ve gotten through my self destructive stage in life; no more eating disorders and cutting for me. I’m 22, grown up and much wiser now.

    I do have a scar on my wrist from a dishwashing accident though; happened when I was 12. A pyrex bowl slipped and broke – when pyrex bowls break, they explode for some reason. I got a cut just on the wrist, looked like a self inflicted wound, but I assure you it wasn’t. Got 7 stitches for that. And the reason I was careless when washing said dishes was… because I was in a hurry to watch Sunday morning cartoons but mum said ‘DO THE DISHES!’ 😛

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