10 thoughts on “Best babysitter ever?

  1. I remember jonco posting another .gif from earlier in this same scene. I forget what it was, but someone had mentioned the source of it. I’m thinking I need to find this show/movie…

  2. Isn’t it strange how there’s a double standard in that if that was a naked grown man and a teenage girl, it would be completely inappropriate?

    And I’m cool with that. LOL. Now here’s to hoping Lauren Holly visits me in my dreams.

  3. @Sander – the male presence is in itself invasive, and therefore has more potential to do harm. Women are seen as vulnerable, and men fantasizing about women is seen as typical and heteronormative; the boy is growing up. Pancake, bananas, nail polish and toothpaste. …was wondering if you were still reading all this.

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