Women want to show us their breasts!

Breast freedomImagine a topless man. No, wait! Don’t go! It was just a hypothetical! What we wanted you to acknowledge was that a topless man is not necessarily an erotic sight. You can see thousands of them at beaches, boardwalks, the gym, daycare etc. So why is it OK for men to take off their shirts in public but not for women to figuratively (and hopefully literally) shove their tits into our faces?! Some of the gals around the world have asked themselves the same question and demanded an answer. Thus, the Top Freedom movement was born.

Top Freedom has only one goal – to allow women to go topless wherever it’s OK for the men to do the same. Let us repeat that – there is an entire organization of women who demand a right to show their breasts in public. The better news? They’re winning in some places, like certain parts of Canada and Europe where any woman is allowed to take off her shirt and just… let it all hang out. Shit, forget Red Cross, we know where we’re donating our cash from here on out.

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2 thoughts on “Women want to show us their breasts!

  1. Sounds all well and good until you actually stumble across some of the real topless beaches down here in Florida where the average age of the ‘girls’ is in the high-60s.

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