Christmas dip

Christmas dip
Members of the Berlin Seals (Berliner Seehunde) swimming club take a dip in icy Orankesee lake during their traditional Christmas Day ice swim on December 25, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. Club members claim a brief dip in the chilly waters is healthy and improves blood circulation in the body.



5 thoughts on “Christmas dip

  1. …but… doesn’t cold water cause blood flow restrictions? Like, your body will try to conserve heat, and will limit the blood flow to the core of the body instead, thus temporarily slowing down blood flow to the extremities, which is why some of us (myself included) have corpse hand and feet in cold climate.

  2. I get the feeling the real background story is more along the lines of:
    5 half-drunk guys sitting in the beer hall start teasing the pretty fraulein serving them their bier. One of them decides to start bragging about how tough he is and soon all are trying to impress them with their virility. The sexual inuendoes become outright propositions so, to shut them up, the fraulein challenges them to all go skinny dipping with her. They hesitate, so she says they can wear whatever left over Xmas decorations they find on the way. Still hesitating, she offers to sleep with whoever can stay in the cold water longer than she can. Well, this decides it. This picture was taken as young Fritz is leaving because he has lost all feeling in his schnitzel and, heading to the hospital, is stopping only long enough to slip into his shoes. Young Fritz feels like a winner, though, because he and his friend have finally seen a real live naked woman.

  3. If you go walking around a certain island in Helsinki, one that has two gender based nudity beaches equipped with saunas you may see someone come out, drop his towel and jump into the water.
    I was shocked when I saw this some years ago, some old dude came out and just went about his business as if half of the town wasn’t walking by (it was one of those sunny march sundays.)

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