The USS Enterprise video that’s in the news

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the video that the USS Enterprise’s (former) XO Owen Honors made back in 2006/2007. Hint: there’s nothing more offensive than any of the other stuff that’s been floating around the internet for the last decade.


6 thoughts on “The USS Enterprise video that’s in the news

  1. The Soviets and Chinese had political commissars. We have an entire nation of self elected political-correctness commissars. They got Owen Honors, they got Huck Finn, who are they coming for next?

  2. That was just bad judgement on his part, who want’s a Captain with bad judgement?

    You can run a major war ship, or you can be a late show comedian, you can’t be both.

    I hate PC, but in this case he blew it, not in the PC case, but in the judgement sense.

  3. It’s not the video that he’s in trouble for, it’s blowing off (in violation of long standing orders) the complaints over it. The news coverage will never explain that, because the people writing it live in a world with no personal responsibility.

  4. The military has, and should have higher standards of conduct than civilian life. While the brave men and women who enlist themselves in service to our country certainly have the right to have a sense of humor, that sense of humor will and should always take a back seat to the commitment to service that they made while in uniform.

    The problem here is that while the offending officers actions were nothing more than childish toilet humor, that kind of humor has no place in the command structure of any military organization. Take it home and show your bowling buddies, but it is out of place in the hierarchical venue of Military service. This was not just poor judgment from an officer, it was unacceptable behavior from an officer whose duty is to guide, morally and ethically the men and women who are not just his employees, but are servants of the country.

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