18 thoughts on “Poppin Fresh

  1. Jesus Christ, this is so wrong on so many levels. From the evil look on her face, to the babies skin tone, to the bed. Never mind the other. Wow.

  2. Breast feeding a newborn works. The circle of life is complete
    in the mothers arms a she nourishes her child from her breast and the placenta. The massaging/stimulation of the breast causes the placenta to slough off easily. Good luck to her and family!

  3. Made me wanna yak! Damians mother looks evil. Yeah and who did have the bad taste to take that picture and then be spent enough to post it somewhere? Shudder…..

  4. Baby’s skin tone is fairly normal for a few seconds old. There is very little fluid or blood, so I am assuming mom is having an easy birth — and possibly a very fast one! I don’t see what is so disgusting — the cord still attached at both ends? Was it less disgusting when it was inside? Or are people skeeved by mom’s pubic hair?

    I don’t get it. We live in a culture where having terabytes of videos and pictures of women having all manner of body parts and objects inserted in their bodies is condoned, but seeing an umbilical cord protruding from a woman’s body, as it is supposed to, is considered gross and indecent. I don’t think I will ever get it.

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