9 thoughts on “Hankerchief code

  1. I don’t think I can come up with enough spots to display all relevant hadnkerchiefs… not to mention I have no idea where to bet all of them nor that there were those many colours.

  2. and the only reason I ask is because I guess you have to specify insertive vs. penetrated…well, I guess it could work for whoever…hmm….

  3. hanDkerchief, but I hate people that JIST have to corect speling.

    My dad always had a handkerchief, blow a nasal storm, put it back in his front pant’s pocket, repeat…. So gross! To this day the sight of them still make me gag.

  4. LOL Grumpy,I had totally forgotten that, my grandfather always had snotty handkerchiefs in his pockets also, I wonder what the significance of that is? Maybe it just meant he had a cold.

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