12 thoughts on “Where to find that little hidden G-Spot

  1. It is not quite that far in. I use my ring and middle finger, stick them all the way in and you will feel a bump with a rough texture. While fingers are in use an up and down motion (it looks like it may hurt, but nobody has ever complained) not in and out, like you are trying to pick her up and instruct partner to push when they are about to orgasm and you will get a gusher. Make sure you use a plastic trash bag under a folded towel or you will be cleaning the bed.

    Most woman will have to have a clitoral orgasm before they can have a gspot one.

  2. scott ^ – I understand the middle finger, but your ring? How do you get it back out once it’s in there? Do you tie a string to it and yank it out, or just keep leaving them in there? Do you wash it before you put it back on your finger? Do you ever use more than one ring at a time? Then do they jangle or fall out when she walks down the stairs? Do you warm it up for her first? Did you ever get really kinky and use your watch? If the watch crystal gets wet inside, did you ever have to shake the fuck out of it? (Tnx PiB)

  3. I knew that wasn’t “the original” Scott, because he’s in Pennsylvania right now, and they do it completely differently over there.

  4. I dated a guy from Pennsylvania, I’m not sure he knew women could have an orgasm, stingy little fucker, he was.

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