Wash your hands!

Why do people always tell me to wash my hands after I pee? Shouldn’t I wash my penis?.. because I know for a fact that my hands are way dirtier than my cock. 

Has anyone else every thought about this?



5 thoughts on “Wash your hands!”

  1. I always wash my hands before peeing. My hands touched many dirty objects throughout the day, whereas my penis hasn’t.Touching my pristine penis with filthy hands just doesn’t make sense to me. And I don’t pee on my hands anymore. (I did have to, once on a long motorcycle ride. Left my gloves at home, got really cold, you get the idea.)

  2. A Marine and a sailor were out drinking one night, and ended up at the same bar. Being a Marine and a sailor, it became quite competitive. Eventually, what goes in must come out, and they both had to pee. That, too, became a competition, and the Marine won (this was told to me by a Marine buddy, but it works eithe way). As he left the bathroom without washing his hands, the sailor commented, “In the Navy, they teach us to wash our hands after we pee.” The Marine replied, “In the Marine Corps, they teach us to not pee on our hands.”


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