Songs to sing to a penis

I saw a post on Reddit about a gal that really loves her boyfriend’s penis.  She loves it so much she sings to it.  Someone mentioned a few possible songs to sing to a cock and I added a few:

  • “I Love Cock’n’Roll” – Joan Jett
  • “Pumped Up Dicks” – Foster The People
  • “Party Cock Anthem” – LMFAO
  • “Dirt Road Anthem” – Jason Aldean
  • “Cock On” –  David Essex
  • “Don’t Fear The Peter” –  Blue Öyster Cult
  • I Wanna Hold Your Gland” –  The Beatles
  • “Tools Out For Summer” –  Alice Cooper
  • “More Than A Penis” –  Boston
  • “All You Need Is Cock” –  The Beatles
  • “House Of The Rising Cock” –  The Animals
  • I Can’t Get No Penis-Action” –  Rolling Stones
  • “Another Prick In The Wall” –  Pink Floyd
  • “Give me a penis to build a dream on” –  Louis Amstrong
  • “More Than A Penis” –  Boston
  • “Hit Me With Your Best Cock” –  Pat Benetar
  • “Black Magic Penis” –  Santana
  • “Killing Me Softly With His Dong” –  Roberta Flack
  • “Another One Bits The Nuts” –  Queen

What gems can you come up with?



4 thoughts on “Songs to sing to a penis”

  1. anybody remember this version of dirty laundry…. kick them when their up kick them when their down kick them in the nuts drag them all around

  2. You don’t even need to doctor this one: “Beat It”, Michael Jackson!
    Or how about “Bone-hemian Rhapsody”, Queen or “(You Make Me) Cock Hard”, Kiss?
    Here’s a couple more…
    Falco – Cock Me Amadeus
    Rod Stewart – Cocks
    Shenandoah – Cock My Baby
    Bobby Day – Cockin’ Robin
    B-52s – Cock Lobster


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