A problem with the Blackberry

Here is a problem with the Blackberry…..

This is how it can go…. 

A buddy sends his best friend a text message……


Hey John, guess what they’re having your wife Wendy do at the party right now….? 

I’m sending you a picture so that you’ll know……




Wendy gets home and John is furious!!!

Without a moment to spare, not wanting to hear an explanation, he lays into her and chews her out calling her every word in the book, and some he even made up while waiting for her. He even boasted about having sex with her best friend and how he knew he couldn’t trust her!!!
As he’s going through his rage he hears the Blackberry’s notable ping that he has received another message from his buddy. 

The message follows…


Hey pal, sorry about the picture, I didn’t notice that the zoom was up all the way. 
This is the better picture…….


Thanks Tommy Salami