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All shapes and sizes

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4 comments to All shapes and sizes

  • Grumpy

    Or how to confuse Infi. He’s used to: “click to get full size” for each image sites.

  • LadyBelle

    The hourglass seems to only run in one direction, and the supposed Voluptuous has very little breasts. It’s also sad the “Average” woman has no curves and looks like a boy. I think the “Voluptuous Chubby” is more the average and much sexier then some of the stick figures. The Voluptious Thick has a nice hour glass shape and some real woman curves.

  • Miss Silver

    What about pear shaped? Naturally waif like? Front heavy? …this list is incomplete. And number three looks like a pear shape, not an hour glass, so really, what about hourglass?

  • infidel

    I was confused,and the pear shape = birthing hips

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