20 thoughts on “Caption Contest – 246

  1. I have a question! Does pubic hair on a woman really gross men out? Cause a hairless cunt is infantalizing, and I feel uncomfortable that we’re made to feel ugly because of pubic hair.

  2. I’ve never had a problem with guys being grossed out by my pubes. If a guy’s really that fucking bothered by some hair, get rid of him. Sure, if it’s nasty and you’ve got little bits of TP in there and it’s just…unkempt, I’d understand being grossed out by that…But normally? I don’t see the big deal. If they don’t like it, well. Tough shit for them.

  3. Miss S & Manticore…it seems like it’s a fairly recent trend (last 15-20 yrs or so??) My dating years were quite a bit before it became common, so I grew up seeing women equipped as nature intended, and that’s just fine and quite normal to me. I would make a point, though, that to me at least, rather than seeing the bare look as infantalizing, I’d compare it more to clearing out the ground cover in a garden for a better view, to make the beautiful roses stand out more clearly and dramatically.

    At this point in my life, as long as nothing crawls out, makes the potted plant keel over, or sets off the smoke alarms, I think grateful would be the better word.

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