6 thoughts on “Skinny Nude

  1. Jonco, I’m not one to complain, but this picture is not in the least bit funny or titillating, anorexia is a terrible disease, the site this is from promotes anorexia and makes it seem like a good healthy thing for young women to put themselves through…
    Sorry to complain, fella…

  2. I wonder why it is mostly a disease seen in women, and not men? I would LOVE to lose 60 pound, but I would not ever care to look as she does. Possibly there are those that indeed find this look appealing.

  3. There’s a pro-ana porn website called skinnyfans.com where all the chicks are RAIL THIN, posing for seductive photos. How anyone could find the physical manifestations of an illness attractive is just beyond my comprehension.

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