World Sex Records

Lisa sparxxxThe world’s Biggest Gangbang –  919 Guys

Lisa Sparxxx is a notable pornstar who does gangbangs on a regular basis.   Doesn’t it seem like every single year the Gangbang record gets bigger?  I remember when it was like 300.   Well, Sparxxx apparently did 919 guys in ONE day.  Yes, 24 hrs.   It was done at Eroticon in 2004.   Good God.  How in the hell can a woman stand that?  Amazing.


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6 thoughts on “World Sex Records”

  1. I’d imagine there was supposed to be 920, but the guy who was gonna be LAST had second thoughts, heeding words of these words of wisdom:

    “You don’t have to be the first, as long as you’re not last” – a local gynecologist.

    Oh, her parents must be proud…

  2. So when there are surveys about the number of sex partners people have had in their lives, stats like this really skew the results.

    When the comeback to the survey question “How many sexual partners have you had?” is, “On which day?”, your scale is probably going to have issues.

  3. Did the recipient of the world’s biggest gangbang end up possessing the world’s biggest wizard’s sleeve? I hope the guy who had the stomach for sloppy nine hundred and nineteens got a credit on the DVD.

  4. 919 Guys? Are you shitting me?
    Then what . . . did they stick her in a freezer overnight and turn her out the next day as a Ben and Jerry’s dispenser?


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