7 thoughts on “How To Play Bass On Stage”

  1. I’m confused, is this a tutorial on how to play the bass or be a male stripper that’s providentially a rapist?

  2. I stopped watching when I saw a PBR. Who drinks that crap?

    Oh…bass players.


    What do bass players use for contraception?
    Their personalities!

    What do you throw a drowning bass player?
    His Amp.

  3. yeah…if you’re going to be a bass player on stage, you’ve gotta be front-and-center, jumping around, spraying blood, rockin’ it…

    Somebody’d better tell John Entwistle. Oh yeah. Never mind. Besides – nobody EVER paid attention to what he did on bass! 😉

  4. Talent and musicianship are the least required traits in music today…it’s all about showmanship and how nice/cute or sexy the performers are.

    And who needs to sing, when there are plenty of audio programs available that will put your voice in tune and on key.

    The real musicians are the ones playing in bars or coffee houses, or busking out in the streets (yay, buskers!).

  5. yeah Eyeball, I was thinking JE (RIP) the whole time.

    The Buggles said it (just a bit better than you): Video Killed The Radio Star!


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