OctoMom Then and Now

OctoMomOctomom Nadya Suleman has 14 mouths to feed, not including her own, and so as a single mother with no marketable skills or assets except the world’s most famous uterus, making a living is always on her mind. When her reality show was cancelled, she started looking for other opportunities, and while the world of entertainment is always ready to accept fresh meat, at the age of 36, she’s rapidly approaching her best-before date.

When she accepted $10,000 from Closer magazine to pose topless, little did she realize what she was doing to her market value as a physical commodity. Three years ago, Vivid Entertainment, North America’s most prominent porn producers, offered her a cool million to do one hardcore movie. The company’s latest offer, following the release of the photos, has dropped to $100,000.




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