Screwing For Cheeseburgers

Screwing for cheeseburgers

Manatee, Fla. resident Christine Faith Baker, 47, was arrested after she allegedly offered sexual favors for two McDonald’s dollar-menu cheeseburgers, according to the Miami Herald.

An undercover officer invited Baker into his car on Friday and started talking about sex. Baker allegedly said that her fee was two McDoubles — the dollar-menu version of a double cheeseburger — costing a grand total of $2.75.

Of course, Baker was also allegedly looking for a tip of another $40 for her services, the Bradenton Herald reported.

The detective bought the burgers and drove to a vacant lot, where other agents arrested Baker on charges of prostitution. It’s yet unclear whether she was allowed to eat the delicious doubles before she was taken to jail.

Baker was released on Saturday.




4 thoughts on “Screwing For Cheeseburgers

  1. I guess she is more expensive than that group from the Newhart Show – Anything for a Buck with brothers Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

  2. Nowhere in the article does it say she was soliciting for sex. The guy invited her in. Sounds like entrapment.

  3. Wow! I’ve heard of lots of guys who have been rewarded after taking a girl out for an evening of steak and lobster, a little dancing and a few drinks. ..So what if she likes cheeseburgers! … OH NO! …I’ve done this myself! …I hope there is a statute of limitations on this!


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