Meanwhile, at a retirement community…

Harold meets Shirley at a retirement community in Florida. Every day they take a walk around the lake, and sit and talk. After a few days, the old guy asks, “Can I ask you something personal?” She says sure.

“While we sit here, would you mind if I drop my pants and you hold my penis while we talk?”

She thinks it a bit odd, but says sure, and this goes on for a few days.

Shirley is looking for him one evening and asks at the desk if they’ve seen Harold. They say that Harold went for a walk with Stella.

She goes outside, and sure enough, she sees Harold with Stella on the other side of the lake. Harold has his pants down and Stella is holding his penis.

That night, a devastated Shirley sees Harold and asks “Harold! I thought we had something special!” Harold says “We do!” “Then why with Stella? Is Stella prettier than me?” “No” “Is she a better conversationalist than me?” “No” “Does Stella have more money than me?” “No” “Than what does Stella have that I don’t have?” He looks at her and says,


Thanks, Roscoe