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Booty Ring Toss Girls


Businesses ruined by vans with sliding doors

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General Golly Gee


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Do not touch your handle


Truck Falls Through Frozen Ice

A truck driving across a frozen Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, on March 14, took a plunge when the ice gave way beneath it


The two occupants of the vehicle escaped uninjured and refused emergency medical services.  The truck was not salvageable and is currently submerged under the ice.

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Every action has a reaction

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Love is in… the front seat…

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How to Check Your ​Car’s ​ Air Conditioner

1. Start the engine and close all the windows


2. Turn on the A/C & put the fan on High


3. Leave running for 10 minutes

4. Put the TESTER in the car *




Yep … It’s working fine!!!

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Rack and peanut steering

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