Earth Angel – Hand-crank vibrator

Earth angelTHE EARTH ANGEL is a brand new innovatively designed adult toy designed and developed in Ireland. It is the first ever adult toy to contain “green” technology. Over the last few years there have been attempts made to produce a 100% environmentally friendly sex toy but none have so far lived up to expectations. “Green” sex toy manufacturers are focusing more on the materials used in their toys than the operation of the toys. There have been some offerings of solar powered and moon powered toys but these are not without their disadvantages.

THE EARTH ANGEL has all the benefits and none of the disadvantages. Unlike traditional “green” toys it will never require replacement batteries as it houses its own patented power core. Intense vibrations from the word go. A specially adapted key is fitted within the base and is extracted and turned to initiate the power core. A few quick turns ……. and hey presto!! ……. you have a fully charged, incredibly intense vibrator.