The Comeback Of The Full Bush

Sometimes it’s a wonder today’s modern single woman manages to get out of bed every morning. From the mandatory selfies and social media work to guys at bars distracted by Tinder, to HPV being present on every barstool – it’s a heck of a time to be a lady in the dating pool. But the hardest part of it all has to be men’s expectations when it comes to women’s pubic hair. Not only have we recently discovered that waxing can be harmful to a person’s health, but it hurts! Worst of all, it looks terrible after about a week. Now, to add more complication to the issue, most men don’t even like shaved women anymore. The media is abuzz about the comeback of the full bush. Here’s why.


The Vagina Dress

The sexiest new fashion trend in Hollywood? The “vagina dress.” No, you didn’t read that wrong. But before you jump to conclusions, no, it’s not a dress shaped like a vagina — rather, it’s one that exposes it.

What it is. What is it exactly, you ask? As Maxim puts it: “Intended to show off every intimate tan line, the vagina dress, or more properly called the double slit dress, is a slinky piece of fabric that doesn’t exactly cover the crotch area of your favorite celebrities. “ In other words, it places the kitty on a pedestal — quite literally.