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What the puck’s up?


Doesn’t look too hard


When Drawing a Hockey Play Goes Wrong



How many balls can you see?

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)    

Ozzy Man Reviews: MMA Showboating Fail

Thanks Ernie    


Baseball Puzzle

So you think you know Baseball, see if you can figure out this puzzle.

What is the score?   (Answer after the break)

The Play of the Game goes to this Cameraman!

http://i.imgur.com/4TnTaAM.mp4 via    

Naughty Ref References


Love on the tennis court


Jackin’ It in San Diego

A video, which was originally posted to Facebook,  appears to show a security guard stationed near the Chargers’ cheerleaders at Sunday’s Raiders-Chargers game masturbating as they perform their routines.  Someone couldn’t resist mixing it with their unofficial city anthem.

Read all about it.

Thanks, Kevin    

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