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Reigniting the spark in the relationship

A hilarious Dutch commercial.

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Peanut Butter Game

peanut butter game


Old Exotic Lover



The 70-year-old man sat down in the orthopedic surgeon’s office. “You know, Doc,” he said, “I’ve made love in more exotic cars than anyone I know. Must be at least a thousand.”

“And now, I suppose, you want me to treat you for the arthritis you got from scrunching up in all those uncomfortable positions,” the medic said.

“Hell, no,” the old fellow replied. “I want to borrow your Lamborghini.”


I’m on the way over…

.on the way


Burned to the grave!

stay humble

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Lickety split, in other words…

name a way oral sex


Dreams of you…

dreams they were in


Even dogs can’t help it

even dogs can't help it


Busy Censor

busy censor

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Anatomically Correct Vagina Pants

Anatomically Correct Vagina Pants

Read all about ‘em.

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