World Naked Bike Ride

Naked bikerWorld Naked Bike Ride (WNBR)  rolls out this Saturday night, June 19th  here in St. Louis. 

The purpose of the ride:

  • To promote cyclist awareness
  • To protest oil dependency
  • To promote comfortable body image
  • To bring together cycling community

Participants are encouraged to go “as bare as they dare,” though nudity is by no means necessary. You’re welcome to come fully clothed, covered in body paint, in your underwear, in a crazy costume… last year, we had a pretty good mix of the above.

 I should probably go out and cover this event.

About the St. Louis ride

WNBR main page

I should go down and cover this event.


The worst pain ever

´╗┐Three men are talking about their worst pain. The first guy says, “I once had sciatica, worst pain I have ever had.”

The second guy says, “I once had to pass a kidney stone, worst pain I have ever endured.”

The third guy says, “You gents have no idea what pain is, I once had two of the worst pains ever. I was hunting and I had to take a crap, so I whipped down my pants and hung my ass over a log and BAM, a bear trap clamped right on my testicles”.

The two other men both yelled “ooooooooooooooooohh” while covering their genitals. “That is the worst pain I can ever imagine, what can be worse than that?”

And then the third man says. “When I came to the end of the chain.”