11 thoughts on “Perk those puppies up”

  1. I met a girl once who worked in ‘figure enhancing’ for beauty contestants. She claimed that, with a roll of duct tape, she could give most guys some enviable cleavage.

  2. its just tape! I wonder if they have a monopoly in this line of business? and if people even buy it?

  3. Jonco,
    Wait a minute,thats not the email I sent!The one I sent showed everything(ask infi,I sent it to him).I thought this site was “anything goes!!

  4. Basically I could have some of the signs of fake breasts without having to go through the actual surgery.

  5. Not a good idea for women to use when trying to pick up guys …if she plans to go home with him, he might just get a surprise when the package is unwrapped!

  6. Gene, I searched for a video that I could embed in the post. That’s the best I could do. Couldn’t find one without the pixelated boobs.

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