6 thoughts on “Russian dog experiment – Living without a body”

  1. I’ll be honest, I have wondered if this was POSSIBLE, but my God, do actually have done it…I Very much hope that the dog cannot feel the area around it’s neck… ya know, where it’s severed…ugh :S

  2. Fake.

    The dog’s head would not move like it did if it was not attached to a body at the end of the video when they pounded the hammer by it. There would be nothing attached to the neck muscles, if they are even there, to be able to move the head the way it did.

  3. i think its real. but can’t really prove or disprove of it…yet *must do research*
    as for isiah. the scientific value is endless. this would help in the research for creating a artificial body for a paralyzed man.

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