9 thoughts on “At the piss trough…”

  1. That to be one of the only men on the planet who did not recognise urine or a piss trough.
    The first time that I went to Germany, I went into a men’s room to take a leak but could not find the urinals. Turns out that I was standing in the urinal. It was disguised as a very large shower stall without a curtain.

  2. fyi: about the question “What was she doing recording at the piss trough in the first place?”
    she is saying that at the festival theres usually a long waiting line for the toilets, but now its calm so she’s gonna check out how clean they are 😉

  3. I thought it was gonna be in German so I was gonna be a smartypants and translate it for everyone, but turns out she’s speaking one of those weird Nordic languages, maybe Swedish, where it sounds like they have some Ikea furniture stuck in their throat.

  4. The old Cleveland Stadium had those. Each one was about 25 feet long and by the end of the game they were clogged with cigarette butts.

  5. @Bambi,
    dutch is supposed to be very closed to german, I am surprised you didn’t notice it. Not that I know any german or have made out much of my dutch classes while studying there…

  6. @Antonio
    I lived and studied in the Deep South of Deutschland, so the accent I’m used to is veeerry different from Northern German. Dutch sounds more like Swedish to me than German (as proven by my other comment!)
    eg. for good morning, I say “morgen”, and in the North they say “moin”.
    Go figure 😐
    The word up in the title, händewaschen, is German though. Means “washing your hands”… is that Dutch too?

  7. @ Bambi
    It is filmed in the Netherlands, so she speaks mainly Dutch. The one who posted and named the video may be German. Dutch and German languages belong to the same language group and have little in common with Nordic languages. Händewaschen in Dutch is handen wassen. So there is no furniture involved.

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