9 thoughts on “Think before you leap”

  1. Dumb-ass. Well, if he survived, I’m sure he’ll be less of an idiot from now on. If he didn’t survive, there’ll just be one less idiot.

  2. At least it’s a light car, but dang that would hurt. Granted, the guy was a dumbass though

  3. wow, you guys are cold. sure he jumped on the car but honestly, do you have to run the guy over for that and possibly break a bunch of bones, could`ve even killed him. meanwhile i`m sure the car drives away without a scratch.

  4. So glad to see an asshole get what was coming to him, so few get what they deserve. Justice was swift, One less asshole, the gene pool wins!

  5. What are you talking about the car didn’t have a scratch? He clearly broke the windshield.

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