Breast pillows

Boob pillow

A home furnishing company in Croatia is hoping buyers will embrace one of its new products, a soft woolly pillow shaped like women’s breasts.

And not just any breasts either, but a pair of big boobs with large nipples.

Globus in Slavonski Brod has developed the anatomical-shaped, D-cup pillows called Dude, or tits in Croatian, to provide comfortable sleep, its Web site claims.

As you might suspect, interest is big in the pillows, but designer Goran Tonkicwas said potential buyers are proving too prudish and afraid to put them on their sofas.

Tonkicwas said, “I don’t see where is the problem since its shape is anatomical, provides a good sleep and has nothing to do with sex.”

I doubt the wives and girlfriends of the men who purchase the Dude have the same opinion as Tonkicwas.




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