World’s largest natural breasts

BIGGEST boobs record holder Norma Stitz has told how her 67 inch bust gets in the way of meeting men.

Her boobs — which tip the scales at nearly 40 lbs — have been officially recognized as the biggest ever natural breasts by Guinness World Records.

Norma, from Atlanta, Georgia, said: when people ask me why I don’t just get a reduction I say ‘Are you crazy?’ I love my boobs and they are winning me a wonderful life.

Busty Norma revealed her title-winners on a popular late night TV show in Italy where she was crowned boob queen of the world.

But the 67 inch natural wonder failed to reveal she is already a star after making a career out of her whopping bosom, baring all in a stack of porn flicks.

And the show’s host was oblivious to the fact Norma’s stage name is a word-play on “enormous t***” — her real name is Annie Hawkins-Turner.

On the show American Norma, 30, told how she had to receive special training to live with her enormous breasts — and complained they get in the way of her meeting men back home.

She said: “I was trained how to get about and how to walk down steps.”

“What I can say about Italian men is that they stare at me but they talk to me. American guys just stare but they don’t ever talk to me.”

‘Shy’ Norma added: “I’ve only gone topless in public on the beach in Hawaii.”


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  1. Infi – You should get her to appear at Hooters. Her act is a great one…she crawls out on stage and for a half an hour tries to stand up.

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