Gored – Big time

Spanish bullfighter, Julio Aparicio, gored by a bull yesterday May 21st

The sickening goring happened as Aparicio was going in for the faena, a series of passes in which he uses his cape and sword before delivering the wounded animal the death blow, or estocada.
As Aparicio teased the angry bull with his cape to entertain the fans, it was the bull who delivered the finishing move as the experienced matador fell to his rear end.
The bull thrust its horn into the matador’s throat then drew it back a moment later, yanking it out of the man’s mouth. “[The horn] went though the tongue and penetrated the roof of the mouth, fracturing the jawbone,” one of the medics who worked on Aparicio told AFP news in Madrid.

Aparicio was able to briefly stand before being overcome by the wound and falling as assistants rushed into the bloody, dusty ring and drew Opiparo away. Aparicio was rushed to a medical facility located in the stadium and stabilized.
An initial scan showed skull damage, and he also had a tracheotomy, according to Spanish news sources. “We don’t have a reason to fear for his life, although he will have a very slow recuperation,” Dr. Maximo Garcia Padros told El Pais newspaper.

Thanks Mike from Spain

7 thoughts on “Gored – Big time”

  1. HA! Score one for the bull! This sick, inhumane sport should be banned everywhere!

  2. Payback is a bitch
    i hope this hurt like hell bull fighting is sick & inhumane it amazes me that it is still allowed & sick bastards go to watch it

  3. The fucker deserved that one, hopefully he’ll learn a lesson and respect animals from now on…

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