13 thoughts on “Caught on tape: Man kills police officer”

  1. Sadly, if the cop had shot him in the first place, the cop would probably have been the “bad guy” instead of the criminal.

  2. I watched this video in training with a large well known Canadian police organization in 2005. Now I am told the instructors are banned from it because it is too graphic (??). Even as a person who is not quick to use force, I was shocked that he was not shot by the Officer. All the bad signs were there from the very beginning and for the life of me I don’t know why the Officer did nothing. If he didn’t want to shoot the guy, he should have “tactically repositioned” his car (got the fuck out of there). I guess we will never know though. Very sad.
    And we were told the guy was caught at his house later in the day, but I don’t recall if he was dead or alive at the time.

  3. the police officer was shot 10 times, with the final shot entering his head in his right eye….

    The crazy murderer was sentenced to death, but in typical fashion has not yet been executed.

    I have seen this before and every time I do I find myself almost screaming shoot him when he goes back to the truck and brandishes a rifle…

  4. I sincerely hope that they execute the fucker. And when he’s dead and in hell, I hope he gets the full torture treatment.

    Just because he’s a Vietnam veteran doesn’t mean that he’s above the law. What a stupid fucker.

    Please, just gas his ass.

  5. A similar case in Twinsburg Ohio…

    Just after 2 a.m. July 13, 2008, Twinsburg cop Josh Miktarian pulled over a driver on Glenwood Road, just off state Route 91, for loud music and possible DUI.

    Two minutes later, Miktarian radioed the police dispatchers for assistance. Then the dispatchers started getting 911 calls from residents that gunshots were heard near Glenwood and 91.

    By the time other officers reached Miktarian, he was lying on the ground with four gunshot wounds to the head, his K-9 partner Bagio still locked in his police cruiser barking non-stop, and no other car was around.

    Miktarian was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Within 90 minutes, Bedford Heights Police located Thompson in a home there, with Miktarian’s handcuffs still on one of his wrists.

    Josh Miktarian was a pillar of several communities. Besides being a Twinsburg police officer, he was also a part time officer in Uniontown. He owned a pizza shop, spent free time helping officers from other communities study to move up in the ranks, and was a songwriter and musician in a local band. His K-9 partner Bagio lived with him and was part of his family.

    A few years earlier, he found the love of his life while on duty. He was on a police chase and she, an officer with the Oakwood Police Department, was called in as backup. It was at that scene that something sparked. Three months before he was murdered she gave birth to their first child…a little girl.

    Cops are people. They are us, but more.

    The trial is underway this week.

  6. That dirty motherfucker!! Excuse my language…. Death is too good for that bastard! I hope he gets it good in jail before he’s executed.

  7. Thy King, unfortunately that is the sound of the throes of death. I hope that officer’s family will never have to see this. P1t0 (did I get that right) I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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