The worst pain ever

Three men are talking about their worst pain. The first guy says, “I once had sciatica, worst pain I have ever had.”

The second guy says, “I once had to pass a kidney stone, worst pain I have ever endured.”

The third guy says, “You gents have no idea what pain is, I once had two of the worst pains ever. I was hunting and I had to take a crap, so I whipped down my pants and hung my ass over a log and BAM, a bear trap clamped right on my testicles”.

The two other men both yelled “ooooooooooooooooohh” while covering their genitals. “That is the worst pain I can ever imagine, what can be worse than that?”

And then the third man says. “When I came to the end of the chain.”


4 thoughts on “The worst pain ever”

  1. The bear trap is hooked to a very strong chain. After hit testicles were smashed he took off running. He’s speaking of what happened when he reached the end of the chain. Riiiiiiip!

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