World Naked Bike Ride

Naked bikerWorld Naked Bike Ride (WNBR)  rolls out this Saturday night, June 19th  here in St. Louis. 

The purpose of the ride:

  • To promote cyclist awareness
  • To protest oil dependency
  • To promote comfortable body image
  • To bring together cycling community

Participants are encouraged to go “as bare as they dare,” though nudity is by no means necessary. You’re welcome to come fully clothed, covered in body paint, in your underwear, in a crazy costume… last year, we had a pretty good mix of the above.

 I should probably go out and cover this event.

About the St. Louis ride

WNBR main page

I should go down and cover this event.

7 thoughts on “World Naked Bike Ride”

  1. Would be a great event to cover!!!,but there is always a err ‘Butt’… check to see how much of their bikes required oil to build …such as those bump absorbing “rubber” tires and those nice soft seats they place their fanny’s on!! Love your sites Keep up the good work!!

  2. LOL unclebuck…And I see oil in the paint on her bike, the plastic in her helmet and cable shrouds and her sunglasses, in her tires, in the shoes on the people behind her, in the lubrication on the chains and bearings, in the camera that took the photo, the computer that it was downloaded to,…
    Do they all live within a bike ride of the starting line? If not, how do they get there?

  3. At least most bikers tend to be in better shape than average if they’re going to be hanging things over bike seats. Hmm, I’m in a big biking area…I should encourage participation…

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