How to check your car’s A/C for summer

It’s that time of the year again.

How to Check Your Car’s Air Conditioner

  1. Start the engine and close all the windows.
  2. Turn on the A/C put the fan on High


  3. Leave running for 10 minutes, then put the tester in the car.
  4. The temperature indicators will tell you if it’s cooling properly.

Ac tester

Looks like it’s working just fine!

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

11 thoughts on “How to check your car’s A/C for summer”

  1. There is no emission sticker on the car in the background. Please tell me what state this is so I can report them.

  2. Will – Some of us live in states with no emission laws. Here if you can manage to get it to the road, then you can pretty much drive it.

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