9 thoughts on “Flatshers”

  1. Bill’s right. Usually a woman would store fat in the breasts as well as the hips. But this one has all stomach and no boobs.

    Could it be that it’s a male? Males store fat in the gut area…. OH GOD, IT’S A TRAP!

  2. (1) Who thought this photo was a good idea?
    (2) Why would either of the women involved drink so much as to believe it was a good idea?
    (3) Why once they sobered up, did they let the photo live?
    As an aside, can you image those photos that did not make the cut?
    (4) Why would anyone send this to anyone else?
    and finally, (5) Why are you mad at us Jon?

  3. Mike, I ponder those points too.

    All I try to do for Jonco is to help him find many lulz on teh interwebs, but sometimes, he posts these terrifying things, it makes me wonder, WHYYYYY? WHYYYY?! DON’T YOU LOVE US, JON?! WHYY?!

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