11 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s latest rant”

  1. I listened to the video, and really, we as the general public do not need to hear this. So she knows that there is a recording being done, he doesn’t. I’d like to know what she says and does when she think she isn’t being recorded. Mel is a great actor, father, and person in general. This is taken way out of context. AKA We all get mad and say stuff we don’t mean.

  2. I totally agree with you Brett, she set him up. Let the courts take care of it IF he did hit her. Either way, it’s probably sunk his boat this time. His past has not been a stellar one.

  3. You can tell she is totally setting him up with how calm she is… she really sounded like she was scared huh? I have an ex wife, and I said a lot of terrible things to her, as she did to me.. We are good friends now, but we are not famous and didn’t tape each other and leak it to the public…

    There are some things we don’t need to know.. shame on this woman for releasing this…. I am not a mel gibson fan, I don’t care either way… but secretly taping conversations with someone you are intimate with seems to me to be out of bounds.. but thats just me…

  4. Okay heard the other tapes and f*** this guy… what a crazy jerk… and hitting his wife?? wtf…

  5. She set him up with a phone call? Taken out of context?? We all say stuff we didn’t mean?? Oh come on…I went thru a miserable divorce a couple of years ago, as have several friends, but screaming that she deserved to be slugged, threatening to kill her, telling her she’ll be raped by a “pack of n****rs”? This guy has hit her in the face, broken her teeth, hit her while she was holding a baby.

    And, sort of unrelated, but not really, he is pretty free with his use of racial slurs…on more than one occasion…remember the drunken ‘sugar t1ts’ incident with the cops a couple of years ago? This guy is nothing but a liquor soaked pig.

    Even though our divorce was an ugly and unhappy one, I never forgot that I was brought up that you never hit a woman. Ever. And I was brought up that you don’t seriously threaten to murder anybody. I was taught, very early, not to use the “n” word and similar racial insults–about any race or religion. I was taught you don’t rant and resist and shout insults at cops while trying to piss on the floor of the cop shop, just because you got caught driving drunk.

    I guess I’m too old. You guys can have that crap. And good luck.

  6. DJ,

    Sorry about your divorce and all the crap that happened to you, but passionate people say stuff at the spur of the moment. I won’t back down from my stance, “We as the general public do not need to hear this”.

    As for the domestic violence that is alleged, “hit her in the face, broken her teeth, hit her while she was holding her baby” has he gone to trial and found guilty of these allegations? I haven’t read where he has, so for me,,,,,, He is innocent until proven guilty!

    I like Mel, he is a good man.

  7. It’s not the racial slurs that bother me, it’s the fact that he beat her (while she was holding THEIR child). What a maniac! If you listen to the entire conversation (there’s much more out there), she accuses him of breaking her teeth and he said that she deserved it. You don’t need a trial to determine guilt on this one. He’s an ass. Brett, he is NOT a good man.

  8. Don’t get me wrong. Everybody accused of a crime deserves their day in court. This is the fundamental ideal that keeps this country on track. Let the jury decide, if Mel is guilty,Fine I EAT MY WORDS! if he is innocent of the charges, then shame on you. I get the impression that the courts didn’t like what she had to say and threw it out, her only recourse was to spread it over the internet. Otherwise his ass would be in jail.

  9. Whatever Brett… I’ve never heard such fuel filled hatred build and build like that. The words, venom and anger is only destructive for him. She never put those words in his mouth although she could be responsible for egging him on. They sure put the “fun” in disfunctional, eh? I just find it amazing that those were the tits that he fell enough in lust with to leave his wife for. Now she’s the whore. There is no excuse for violence though. EVER!

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