5 thoughts on “High speed tire blowout in Taiwan”

  1. 1) Why is this on this site and not the main site?

    2) What song came on after the accident? Sounds kinda nice.

  2. What a poor driver in the car that has the camera on. A car with tires on the ground can slow MUCH more quickly than a car that is rolling or sliding (sorry, but I own and drive a race car). I initially thought the car with a camera was a cop, but the guy who approached the destroyed car didn’t look like one. And the dumbo didn’t approach with a fire extinguisher. Stupid.

  3. ChrisInAtlanta…Wrong. That car was not sliding or rolling. That car had come to almost a complete stop in no time flat. There was no way for the bus, let alone a high performance sports car, to stop in time to avoid the accident. Don’t believe me? Let me put it in racing terms…NASCAR. This same incident happens day in and day out in NASCAR. It’s impossible for a car to slow down faster than a car that runs into a wall like that. The car was not skidding down the road. It had run almost straight into a wall where its momentum was stopped almost instantly. Unless your brakes can make you stop on a dime, you’re not gonna stop faster than a car hitting a wall like that.

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