Woman with largest breasts fights for life


Infidel in 24 hour prayer session…

A MODEL with the world’s largest breasts is fighting for her life after suffering complications following her latest surgery.

Brazilian Sheyla Hershey, who lives in Houston, Texas, contracted a severe staph infection following her most recent breast augmentation procedure in June, myFOXhouston.com reported today.

The infection reached both of Ms Hershey’s breasts.

Doctors took the 30-year-old into surgery Tuesday morning (local time) to remove the implants, and possibly her own breasts.

The model has had more than 30 surgeries to date.

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13 thoughts on “Woman with largest breasts fights for life”

  1. Those can’t be the world’s largest. We’ve seen photos here of breastaculars down to the waist and beyond. A week or two ago we had one with breasticles down to her knees.

    These are just zits in infidel’s world.

  2. I hope she can beat this. Staph infections are horrible. What concerns the most is why she feels the need to make her boobs bigger. She has a nice face, probably has a good personality, why the surgeries?

  3. DJ, there’s a few things about the claims surrounding her that should be explained: Hers were the biggest implants in the world prior to her reduction following pregnancy. I have never seen a picture claiming to be of her at her biggest and I doubt the one above is. You might have seen women with larger breasts than hers, but bear in mind that she has scilicone implants, whereas the vast majority of ridiculously oversized breasts are produced by string implants, which aren’t quite as large as some silicone implants, but because they make the surrounding tissue secrete fluids (which they then absorb), they cause breasts to swell to sizes larger than most silicone implants (see Chelsea Charms or Minka for examples of string implants).

    Hope it clears it up.

  4. Wow…I had no idea. I guess it’s way more technical than I thought. That might even be more than I want to know LOL. I’m a “handful” man myself…lifelong Itty-Bitty admirer. I’d better leave this stuff ( o ) ( o ) to the experts like you and infidel! But thanks! 🙂

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