‘Carjacked’ woman giving oral sex before crash

Carjacked womanA woman claimed that she was carjacked on the side of the road – but when her story was questioned she admitted the truth. Her car crashed because she was giving the driver oral sex.

Sara C. Blasse, 23, of Vineland, New Jersey has been charged with filing a false report.  It turns out, that driver was also her boyfriend.

At first she made a wild made for TV claim that a gunman had thrown her out of her father’s 2003 Kia Sorrento and driven off after she stopped to ask him for directions, police said.

The car was found smashed into a tree and set on fire. Blasse’s lie fell apart when she told police that he cell phone battery died when she was contacting a friend to be picked up. The friend found Blasse without a firm location on her whereabouts and with no further contact.

Pressed for the truth Blasse broke down and admitted to police that she was administering oral sex. The boyfriend crashed the car during her act.

Blasse broke her arm as a result of the accident.


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8 thoughts on “‘Carjacked’ woman giving oral sex before crash”

  1. I have been pulled over one time because of a girl doing that,I was very lucky not to get a ticket

  2. Except that was a story to cover up the fact that the two were fleeing the scene after stealing something from another car.

  3. Wonder how long that relationship is going to last. Think if I filed a false report against my boyfriend accusing him of carjacking, he might not want to be around me all that much.

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