44 thoughts on “Caption contest”

  1. I don’t know why, but the last guy that drove this rig told me to watch out for a little rear end shimmy.

  2. The first lesson in teaching someone to drive a truck is to show them how to grab the shift knob and move it into position.

  3. Let me think, Vlad…I’m trying to figure out how to describe to you how to get your equipment into a loading dock…

  4. When I was haulin’ my lumber around the country, the “lot lizards” didn’t look anything like that…

  5. Look what progress our friends in Eastern Europe have made in the past two decades.
    This same scene in the 1980s:

  6. Please don’t tell me about your dreams again, Vaclav. That one you keep having about the big powerful truck entering the tunnel is just your imagination.

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