5 thoughts on “Giant zit popping”

  1. She mentions that she should have gotten gloves, maybe a little late for that love, I think.
    By rights that should have been done in a hygienic doctors surgery, as opposed to a kitchen, by an untrained individual, with no hygienic barrier between their hands and that infected pus. Also, kitchen towel, not known for its sterility…

  2. That’s not a zit, it a cyst. Since they opened up the membrane the nearby tissue will become infected. He may end up with a staph infection.

  3. That’s a Sebaceous cyst. Those things will SMELL!!! And like @Matt & @Richard mentioned, he probably ended up with a wicked staph infection since it wasn’t drained using sterile technique. When you have it drained by a physician, they will cut out the core. If the core is not removed, there is a higher chance the cyst will return.

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