14 thoughts on “Spaghetti-O’s & Piss – A different kind of ‘art’”

  1. This is not art. It’s atrocious. It’s a non-sequitur shock performance that’s worse than 2 girls 1 cup. The idiot that yelled “yeah, art!” is a brain dead douchebag.

  2. What I wrote on youtube:

    Right…as much as I would love to applaud any artistic sentiment, i think this one just went in the direction of WTF, non-sequitur. There is no context., no reference other than the word ‘semiotic,’ which in this case is food up your vag in front of an audience.

    the ‘Interior Scroll’ was art; at least there, we get what it’s about.

    Without context, there’s no point to it, other than creating a public health hazard and to mentally scar a bunch of people from ever touching a can of spaghettios.

  3. You’ll have to tell me what happened. I quit at 1:38 when I figured that poor child didn’t know how to use a can opener and so probably wouldn’t know what she was doing period. I am guessing that this was a typical performance by small inexperienced minds for small inexperienced minds who all think that it is daring when someone does something “shocking”. Get some exposure to the Real World by taking that can to anyone in the 3rd World. They will open that sucker in less than 1:38 without a can opener, be thankful for the contents, and show you some things which are truly mind blowing because they are so far outside your ken.

  4. She takes 3 minutes to open a can of expired spaghettios which is now black, puts it in a pot, says a poem, smears the stuff on her chest while mumbling incoherently, then cuts the crotch out of her jeans, sticks her dirty fingers (which are covered with rotten spaghettios) into her vagoo, pees in the empty can, takes her shirt off, and wipes the mess up, then leaves. the room applauds, with one guy yelling “yeah, art!” Dude, that was retarded. No way is this thing ‘art.’

  5. It wasn’t that long ago that someone that mentally damaged would have been locked away in an institution with bars on the windows and padded walls. But the you-know-whos closed many or most of them a while back to “mainstream” them into society. Watch the news to see how that’s been working out.

    Now the mentally ill are “entertaining”…by standing in a classroom and grunting, pissing herself, ripping her pants, shoving spoiled junk food up her hoohoo. This is art how? Wonder if she got a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to buy that can and a pair of slacks? And her point was…??

    Those were all young people in that room…Isn’t it weird that nobody laughed when it took her 2 minutes to open a simple can or when she started grunting? Was nobody lucid enough to leave or stand up and call her a nutjob? They all sat there and pretended that it was art and tried to look intelligent. P in B is right. But I’d bet he and I would differ how we got to this point.

    I gotta go…heading up to the mall to create some art in the big fountain there…I had Taco Bell for lunch and one of the fish sculptures has a real pretty mouth.

  6. scary, that she might be the least retarded in the room.

    young “artists”….good thing we have immigrants with brains keeping this country moving forward.

    I could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better poem.

  7. She has got a fat ass 🙂 I’d fuck her, then tell her to take her can of Spaghetti-O’s and hit the road. This is what rich college kids do while normal people are struggling to afford community college? Wow, what a joke.

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